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Participative Leadership

When deciding on how to approach your own style of leadership, there are several things to keep in mind. What motivates you to be better? Which leaders in your life do you look up to? How would you want a leader to treat you?  

One of our favorite styles is leading from the middle of the pack. Also known as participative leadership, this style is a great way to build up your team with encouragement and by strengthening relationships. What does this mean and how can you implement it in your own life? We have some advice to help you on your way.

Work as One

Wolves live and hunt in packs so they can take down prey much larger than them. They operate as a single organism instead of every member of the pack doing whatever they want. Although there’s always an alpha male who the pack looks to, the alpha is still as much an equal part of the pack as any other member. Everyone is responsible for the success of the group and for bringing up the young. The same can be applied to leading a team to success.

Employees in the United States greatly prefer this method when working. According to Kimble’s Boss Barometer Report, 74% of American workers say that they prefer collaboration in the workplace over the boss making decisions for everyone.

As a leader from the inside, you share the responsibilities with your team, but you also get to share the successes with them when things go well. Everybody is working toward the same goal, and the support system is as good as it gets. Strive for the benefit of the group instead of the individual and everyone on your team will be happy. 

Communicate From Within

A massive setback with most leadership styles is the breakdown of communication. By being a leader from the middle of the pack, you can hear the complaints and problems of those on your team straight from their mouths. Most of the time those types of things are relayed to you through several chains of communication, and by the time it reaches you, the problem has passed and it’s too late to deal with it.

Websites and apps like Slack™ and Workplace™ Chat are great tools to give to your team, as they allow you to quickly and easily communicate with each other in a work-appropriate format. You can share ideas, address problems, and brainstorm all in the same place even when you are physically apart.

Communicating really is at the backbone of every successful business. Want to read more about it? Check out this amazing blog post from World Wide Group™ for even more information about leadership and communication.

Remain Accountable

By leading from within, you’re going to be held responsible for more than you would by leading from the front. You are surrounded by the people counting on you to deliver the most, so you will be reminded constantly of why it is so important to stay true to your word. People need to be able to count on you, or else they aren’t going to want to follow you.

Being accountable means taking it to heart when your team members come to you for help. Active listening is key to being the best leader you can be. You can’t improve your surroundings if you can’t be bothered to listen.

Keep the Pack Mentality

Being part of a team means knowing that you are only as good as the people around you. If you have an amazing accomplishment, but it was achieved at the expense of your own teammates, was it even really an accomplishment? By leading from within the pack you become closer to your followers, and thus you’re able to take them even further.

As you increase your influence over your team and they trust in your guidance, don’t abuse that role. Check out our blog on how to use your influence for good.