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Kevin and Andrea Phillips

“To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.”

“It’s all rooted in purpose.

How can we stop?”

Kevin and Andrea Phillips

Helping Others Make Their Own Way

Kevin and Andrea Phillips began their journey as small business owners through personal training in Orange County, California. The couple met on December 3rd of 2005, a time in which both were looking for an opportunity that would give them the life of purpose they sought, one with more time and control to invest in the things that truly matter. Now, having found this for themselves, they wish to help others find the same opportunity; a life of countless choices that benefits every person they encounter.

Personal training wasn’t exactly a “direct line” for Andrea, who, with backgrounds ranging from orthopedic surgery to business, felt like she was placing her energy towards avenues that would not give her what she wanted most in her life: time and control. On the other hand, Kevin, who climbed the corporate ladder of the fitness industry only to change his trajectory towards real estate, found that he wanted to escape that environment in order to build something more meaningful. 

Out of all places and situations, they met at a corporate “going-away” party. From then on, the rest is history. Kevin and Andrea married in 2007, embarking on the life journey of building a family together and not only following but growing their dreams as well. With this new start, they found that, by surrounding themselves with people who live intentionally, they were able to be introspective about themselves and their own relationship, to work together, gain focus, and be aware of aspects of their life where they had room for growth.

Their motivation to live out a purposeful life did not come without changes. The Phillips found themselves packing up their lives and moving to San Diego, California, a place they felt called to in order to impact others and get closer to the people they wanted to build a stronger relationship with. These people had a way of living that drew the Phillips in and inspired them to strengthen their faith and make better financial decisions. Naturally, Kevin and Andrea sought the growth they needed through this new support network. The move helped them see where they could grow as a couple and put a fire in them to build out the life that would give them the resources to live out their values. Coincidentally, seeing how much focus and energy their leaders put into their own lives ultimately influenced the Phillips’ to do the same for those who are willing.

Part of how the couple got to where they are today can be attributed to their routine of commonly backing one goal after another and overcoming all obstacles on their way. No matter how treacherous the road got or how many times they stumbled, they kept getting back up, knowing the results were worth it. They’ve always trusted that their purpose is bigger than themselves, with their faith helping them keep their focus on people – always. They know that in order to do purposeful work their focus lies in being people-centric and in paying it forward every chance they get. Although they are met with the expectancy to stop at some point, to that they say: “It’s all rooted in purpose. How can we stop?” 

Over the years, Kevin and Andrea’s life philosophy has been a simple yet powerful mantra that echoes throughout every action they take: grit, grace, and gratitude. In their own words, it’s all about maximizing your day with grit, setting an example with grace, and thanking people for the time they’ve invested in you with gratitude. 

Hand in hand with their life philosophy comes their love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The Phillips place fitness at the base of their self-development, exercising regularly along with planning outside activities as a family. Whether it’s going to the beach, working out, or going for a run, they see this as a way to not only sharpen their self-discipline but as a way of putting themselves in an overcoming mentality every day. Understanding that the body and mind are inseparable has given Kevin and Andrea the benefit of having the energy to make each day count. 

To the Phillips, being joyful towards their community and every person they meet is a big focus in their life. They believe in generosity of love and time, and in being a light in their community. They’ve created a culture that not only values time but also one that makes an effort to include others in their collective dreams. They live by the words: “To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.” Kevin and Andrea wish to leave a legacy of leaders who are other-focused and who know how to pay it forward. They live to show that a sign of a real leader is not what one accomplishes but how many other leaders they can lift up.

Building Exceptional People.