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Let Go of Comfort

Everyone is guilty of allowing their comfort zone to pull them in and keep them there. We’ve all done it, and we all admit that the comfort zone seems like a great place to be. But it isn’t a great place to stay. It’s easy to get stuck there and extremely hard to remove yourself. To maintain the course to your goals and dreams, it’s crucial that you learn to let go of comfort and embrace the strange feeling of discomfort.

Your couch is calling.

A person lays down on a couch and reads a magazine.

You’ve recently been invited to a networking event on a Saturday evening. Unfortunately, you had plans to hang out with two of your closest friends—your couch and a bag of chips. Since you’ve already planned on spending Saturday night with them, it’d be rude to cancel, right? Wrong. In fact, you’re not doing yourself any favors by staying in. No matter what you and your couch had scheduled for Saturday, it won’t be as beneficial as connecting with others. After all, the connection you have with your couch is pretty one-sided, but human connection is multi-faceted.

Rather than answering the call from your couch, press “ignore” and let go of comfort. It’s only there to tempt you because it certainly won’t leave you feeling fulfilled. Instead, start planning what you’re going to wear to the event!

Say, “Yes,” before you can say, “No.”

An outstretched hand holds the word “Yes” in its palm.

While at the networking event, you recall a great blog you read on networking etiquette. You decide to put what you read to the test and initiate an introduction. You introduce yourself to someone and start making great conversation with them. They seem really interested in what you have to offer. No surprise, there. You are a catch! The person asks if you want to come to dinner with them and their spouse so that you can all get to know each other. And you can tell that you could all become really great friends! Although the thought of meeting with two people at once seems overwhelming, you accept.

Step one, complete! You’ve let go of comfort and said, “Yes,” before you could say, “No.” It’s not always easy to let “Yes” take the lead, but sometimes you have to just say it before you even think of the alternative.

Let go of comfort food.

A white plate of kimchi.

The person you met last week has invited you over for dinner (their treat)! You put on your best shirt, bottoms, and shoes, and hit the road. When you arrive, you knock on the door and are greeted and welcomed into their home. Your nose is immediately hit with a smell you’re not familiar with and your stomach turns. What are you eating for dinner?

You sit down at the table only to see a pile of reddish-pink … cabbage? The couple sits down across from you and asks, “Have you ever had kimchi and beef?” No. And you’ve never smelled it either. “Please, dig in and tell us more about what you do.” Being polite, you dish up a plate and take the first bite. To your delight, it’s quite flavorful! You begin to chow down and tell them about yourself. All the while, you’re filling in the gaps, making sure to ask questions about them, and getting to know who they are individually and as a couple. As it turns out, they’re an amazing pair!

Had you not let go of comfort and taken the leap to try a new food, with new people, in an unfamiliar place, you may never have made this connection. Dinner comes to an end and the couple exchanges their information with you. Congratulations!

Continue to let go of comfort.

A group of arms outstretched with hands stacked on top of one another.

After making this valuable connection with a couple because of a networking event, you find yourself being connected with more and more people. Soon, you have a large number of people wanting to do business with you, simply because you’ve inspired them. Your attitude, your commitment, and your willingness to let go of comfort have landed you in a leadership position. You now have the chance to make a profound impact on the lives of others.

Continue stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and finding new ways to improve. Expand yourself and you will expand your team. Once you’re on this path, there’s no limit to the amount of good you will do for the world.