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Four Decisions To Feel Happier

The goal to be happy and content seems simple enough. In a way, it just means embracing whatever you have at the moment and being thankful for every opportunity that comes. In spite of this, it is no secret that so many are struggling to appreciate the beauty of their own life. The feeling of not being good enough may stem from the need to conform to the expectations of others. To break free from the norms and gain more control of your life, you need to have the courage to make the following decisions:

Break free from the pressure to keep up with peers.

Society sets standards and you may feel obligated to keep up with them. This can lead to frustration and self-doubt. You can even end up making the wrong decisions. Thus, stop feeling bad if it seems like your peers are getting ahead in life. Instead of striving to keep up, focus on your own goals instead. After all, there is no golden rule stating the perfect age to marry or finish a degree. We all have our own unique challenges and paths to take and if you concentrate on your own journey, opportunities will come to you at the right time.

Break free from the pressure to please others.

Where do you base your self-worth? If it is by how much approval you get from others, it wouldn’t be surprising if you are gloomy most of the time. There is no way you can get everyone on your side so stop hiding your own self just to be accepted. Instead of finding happiness in external sources, you would be better off by loving yourself more. Spend more time on people you love and things you enjoy. You should also stop worrying about what others may think because as long as you are not harming anyone, devoting time to self-care will only make your life more joyful.

Break free from the pressure to possess more.

Many are tied to the idea that more wealth will lead to one’s happiness. You can aspire to gain financial independence but acquiring more should not be your main goal. This is because although money can help you get the things you long for, more possessions also mean more responsibilities. The things you acquire can even make it difficult to relax and unwind. Instead of accumulating things, try a minimalist lifestyle by sticking to the basics.  Sticking to the essentials will make you see that you do not need much to be happy.

Break free from negative emotions.

Inner peace is necessary to experience happiness and you would not experience it if you are going around carrying emotional baggage. So stop dwelling on regrets and avoid reliving bad memories. Instead, set your sights on the bright side. For your own good, it is better to choose forgiveness over anger and hope over despair.

 Does it feel like there are too many barriers preventing you from fully experiencing bliss? You may want to examine the way you view things and discover that a change of mindset is the key that can open the door to your happiness.