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Secrets to a Great Marriage

“A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal.”


If we’re lucky, there are marriages in our lives that we use as role models for our own. Whether that’s your parents, your friends, your grandparents, or your coaches, these are the types of marriages we strive to emulate. These marriages put friendship first and thrive when things get tough. They’re not perfect, but they involve two people who just work well together. 

What does it take to have the relationship of your dreams? It takes people who are willing to work at it every day. Here are a few of our top tips for creating and maintaining a great marriage.

Magnify each other’s strengths.

Two people stand on a hill above the clouds.

After knowing someone for a long period of time, it’s easy to start pointing out the little things that annoy you about them. “You never do the dishes!” “You always hog the covers at night!” “You never let me choose the movie!” Sound familiar? 

Rather than focusing on the things your partner does that bother you, make a point to magnify each of your strengths. For example, if your spouse enjoys cooking more than you, let them cook dinner and you clean up after. If you’re better at grocery shopping for the week (yes, this takes talent), make this a part of your routine while your spouse can handle another weekly chore like laundry. Focusing on playing to each other’s strengths is a big way to avoid conflict in the long run.

Keep your friendship alive.

It’s cliché, but the best relationships really are built on a foundation of friendship. In fact, a study found that individuals who consider their spouse to be their best friend were twice as satisfied with their lives overall, compared to those who don’t. 

What’s the best way to keep your friendship with your spouse alive? Have some fun together, of course! Even daily responsibilities like going to the grocery store can be more enjoyable when you do them with your partner. Tired of making dinner alone? Try cooking up a new recipe together (Pinterest™ is a great resource for this)! Need your car washed? Bring your spouse along! You would be surprised at how fun the boring parts of your day can become when you do them together.

Put your marriage first.

There are a few important things that some couples are doing to keep their marriage strong. The good news is that all couples can do these things … they aren’t out of the ordinary and they don’t require a lot. All it takes is a commitment to put your marriage first and focus on it every day.

Once you’ve become a power couple and have figured out how to navigate your marriage in a happy and healthy way, consider ways that you can work together to increase your impact on the lives of others. As it’s often said, “Two is better than one,” and the mark your combined efforts can have on the lives of others is significant. Learn more about this from our blog, “Make Your Mark (and Make It Count)”.